Google Doc | Author: Mati Roy | Created: 2019-03-13 | Updated: 2019-03-13 | Status: draft

How I can help you (maybe)

Here I list some ways in which I might be able to help you. If you think I could help you in other ways, let me know.

Exploring beliefs

I can help you introspect and explore your belief structure for one of your cherished belief, and help disentangling beliefs from values. I use a collaborative approach to help you figure out why you believe what you believe, which can be particularly enlightening if you have beliefs you're (strongly) emotionally attached to. This can take 5-30 minutes depending how deep you want to explore, and on the complexity of the topics. I'm still iterating on my approach; insight are not guaranteed ^_^.

Life debugging

If you have a problem in your life (minor or major, weird or cliché, recurrent or one time), I can try to help you figure out a solution. I have read and experimented with various applied rationality techniques, and generally have a solution oriented mindset.


If you and someone else (/other people) have a problem, and would like someone to mediate a discussion, I can help. I don't have a lot of experience in that regard, but I think I'm okay at it.

Devil advocate

I'm usually good to come up with arguments on various sides of various topics, and I generally think people's views are not nuanced enough. If you want to pass your idea to the test, let me know. And I can also help you learn to become your own devil advocate which is ultimately really useful to improve one's model of the world. Related: Write Your Hypothetical Apostasy.

Cryonics consultation

If you have questions about cryonics, wonder if cryonics is good for you, or would like help signing up, I can help you with that. I have read and written a lot about cryonics, have visited many cryonics organizations, and haven't met around a hundred cryonicists. I think my position is pretty nuanced.

Reading suggestions on effective altruism

If you would like to learn more about effective altruism or some particular cause areas, or you have some questions on the topics, I might be able to refer you to relevant resources.

Learning to edit wikis

I can show you: How to edit on Wikipedia? Which wikis complement Wikipedia? How to prioritize which articles to edit?