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Mati Roy

Here's a list of communities that I support in Montreal.

I founded Effective Altruism Québec. I'm always up to help people with their effective altruism projects and education.

I also founded CryoQuébec. I'm interested in informing people, and would like to train a local cryonics response team.

I live at the Macroscope, a focal point for the LessWrong and effective altruism community in Montreal.

I contribute to wikis, mostly Wikipedia - English, Wikipédia - French, Wiki Timelines, Cause Prioritization wiki, and Humanity+ wiki.

I could use help on a lot of projects, so let me know if you're interested. You can also check out my list of unresolved questions, apps I want to find, and other ways to help me.

Contact me by email at contact@matiroy.com. You can find me online on LinkedIn, Facebook and GitHub. My public posts on Facebook are also shared on Twitter.