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I wrote code to run some of Anthropics' evaluation datasets on GPT-4 for the paper The Alignment Problem from a Deep Learning Perspective.

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My dating profilePersonal2021-12-11202110
My current life planPersonal2021-12-10202110
Mati's 2020 donation recommendations (now with a 2021 update)Altruism2020-12-0820209109
Should I record my life?Lifelogging2019-04-2920199109
Why do we need philanthropy? Can we make it obsolete?Altruism2020-03-272020959
Consume now or later?2019-04-1620198108
Tell your (grand)parents about cryonicsBiostasis2020-06-0920208102
How I audio-video record my lifeLifelogging2019-05-1520198101
Are selection forces selecting for or against altruism? Will people in the future be more, as, or less altruistic?Altruism2020-05-272020828
Can you have an egoistic preference about your own birth?Altruism2020-07-152020828
The community's conception of value drifting is sometimes too narrowAltruism2020-09-032020828
Buying micro-biostasisBiostasis2020-10-072020676
When should you use lotteries?Altruism2020-12-082020676
How to be productive when low energy?Productivity1905-07-121905563
How to control your attention?Productivity2020-01-162020563
What are good defense mechanisms against dangerous bullet biting?Rationality2020-04-212020556
Exams-Only Universities2022-11-062022515
Notes on minimalismProductivity2019-04-272019475
How I use Clockify, my timetracking appProductivity2022-01-112022474
How to buy attention?Productivity474
Signaling importance2020-12-082020463
Timeline of brain preservationCryonics2019-01-232019422
How many humans will have their brain preserved? Forecasts and trendsCryonics2020-05-032020412
Weighted reverse auctionCommunity2019-04-292019365
Discussion platform comparisonLifelogging2019-12-132019351
What questions about the future would influence people’s actions today if they were informed by a prediction market?2019-07-212019323
Montreal CommunitiesLocal231
Tips for people in MontrealLocal2019-04-162019231
A typology of the value of intervening with suicidal peopleAltruism2019-04-142019222
Rules for meta-gaming2019-05-262019222
Surviving Petrov DayAltruism2020-09-262020222
[Reference Post] Info coneAltruism2020-03-042020214
Cryonics 2019 Annual UpdateCryonics2020-02-122020212
List of projects on gender neutrality2019-03-212019212
Trying to be immortal is fucking crazy2019-03-312019212