Author: Mati Roy | Created: 2022-01-11 | Updated: 2022-01-11

How I use Clockify, a timetracking app

I use workspaces for teams with shared time tracking. I have 1 for a few companies, 1 for an intentional community, 1 for my personal contractors outside my companies.

Note about using multiple workspaces:

I recently updated my clients to make better use of this level of abstraction. For organizations/people I work a lot for, I have them as a specific client, to which many projects are associated. For organizations/people with whom I only have 1 project, I bundle them under “clients” named by type:

I also bundle some by theme:

I also have:

One of my "clients" is my body; the projects it has are:

One of my projects is “Consuming time”. This is a catch-all for anything that isn’t an investment in the future. Tasks include things like the title of TV shows and activities I do.

I use tags in 6 ways:

Note: all tags with an underscore would be concatenated with their sub-item; ex. “_type: gear creation”; the purpose being for them to be bundled together in the list

*What I do at a given time can overlap with more than 1 project in various ways. For example: