Call me only if it's time-sensitive or if you've scheduled it in advance. You can schedule me here:

If what you have to tell me might interest others, I prefer if you write to me publicly. You can post on my Facebook wall or Subreddit or anywhere on the web: just tag me or send me the URL. Sending a URL by email is the best for more time sensitive communication.

To contact me privately, I'm more likely to reply rapidly and not forget about your request if you communicate by emailing me at To contact me anonymously and privately, message me on Confessout.

If we work on a project together, I often like to communicate in a Google Doc.

You can shedule a video-chat or in person meeting by email and/or Google Calendar. Let me know if you're open in livestreaming our call.

I appreciate feedback. You can let me private (anonymous) feedback on Admonymous and review me publicly (non-anonymously) on Sayat.

Commenting on my posts can also be a good way to communicate with me.

I'm interested in alternative forms of communication, so let me know if you have atypical preferences or want to experiment with something.

I'm also on various other platforms, and am open to try others. Let me know if you have a preference for another platform.