Author: Mati Roy | Created: 2021-12-10 | Updated: 2021-12-10

My current life plan

I was born on 1990-10-09 (I’m 31 years old).


I’m currently thinking of doing startup/business for 1-5 years. Then:

I would also consider doing project management for an AI alignment project / organization right away instead of doing startup/business.

I would also consider doing cryonics research right away, but I feel like I would need to have a significant paycut for a while and acquire domain-specifi knowledge that is not transferable unlike doing project management, so this would be a risky career path, but one I’m still open to.

At like 1.5M USD of wealth, I would feel more comfortable taking a paycut. Although if that takes me say 10 years to reach, then I’ll need to revisit whether a career transition still makes sense at that age.

Note: I have a vision for startup/business, but it has uncertainties, and in any case isn’t ready to share.


On a conservative trajectory, I can live a comfortable life with 2 children.

The main things I would do with more wealth are:

See details on this here:

US Citizenship

Summary: I would like to become a US citizen.


More on this.

The reasons don’t seem that strong, but I’m still inclined to do it.


(More on this)


Summary: I have a rather strong preference to work towards a US citizenship; I would like to live in Central or North America.

My current startup/business work can be done remotely.

I wouldn’t mind living in Montreal for the next 0-2 more years (but also don’t mind leaving).

I wouldn’t mind living anywhere in the world for the next 0-2 years.

I would generally prefer to live somewhere in the US with the goal of eventually becoming a US citizen.

I’d be okay living anywhere in the world longer term if I already had a US green card (ex.: through marriage), but if it was outside the US, I would still prefer if it were close (ex.: Canada or Central America).

If I did cryonics research, it would probably need to at least start in Rancho Cucamonga, California (1h car from Los Angeles) or Vanconver, Washington (15m car from Portland). Then it could either stay there, mayybe be in any state with laws permitting medical aid in dying, or mayyybe be anywhere else.

I have a general preference for lower tax places, but this is flexible.

Note: The Netherlands is also promising for good cryopreservation using MAiD.