Where I write


My Facebook groups

The following is a curated list of Facebook groups I admin/mod.

name category memes / jokes number of members (2022-11-28)
Dank EA Memes effective altruism yes 6110
Neuralink technology 3310
Effective Altruism Online Events effective altruism 2649
AI Safety Discussion (Open) AI safety 1689
WE ARE CRYONICISTS life extension 1553
The Economics of Doing Good (Effective Altruists) effective altruism 1096
Careers in AI Safety AI safety 682
EA life coaching exchange effective altruism 617
Effective altruism online coworking effective altruism 469
Effective Altruism & Life Extension effective altruism 352
Effective Egoism Rationalism 339
Effective Altruism & Education effective altruism 285
Rational Fic Rationalism 266
Cryonics Memes for Frozen Teens life extension yes 253
Effective Altruism & Cryonics Advocacy effective altruism 226
Rationalist Crowdfunding and Coordination Rationalism 161
Anti-aging memes for long-lived teens life extension yes 142
Lifelogging as life extension life extension 127
Rationalist Games Rationalism 106
Cryonics Leaders life extension 67
Lifelogging memes for life extension teens life extension yes 66
Life Experimenters lifestyle 50
Gender Neutrality lifestyle 44
RadicalxChange effective altruism 41
Effective Altruism: Aliens effective altruism 32
Mati Roy – More personal 27
Effective altruism: past people effective altruism 21
Death-focused ethics effective altruism 20
Optimal parenting lifestyle 15
Artificial womb (exogenesis) technology 14
Modal immortality life extension 13
Improving science effective altruism 13
Lifestreaming lifestyle 11
We pretend we're an em clan meme yes 10
Objectless lifestyle 9
Rationalism as a religion Rationalism 6
When 2 fails cancel each other meme yes 5
Embryo Selection technology 4
Atypical Families lifestyle 3
Gamete donation memes yes 2

My writings on Wikis

I contribute to the following wikis:

Social media

I post on the following platforms:

How I decide where to post

When my writings fit on wikis, I prioritize putting them there.

When my writings don't fit on wikis, I prioritize putting on community blogs. I contribute to the following community blogs:

I would like LessDead to also become a community blog, but so far only me posted on it. The RadicalxChange Forum might also serve as a community blog.

When none of those platforms is a good fit, then I post on my website, matiroy.com.

I also try to take a lot of my personal notes publicly on Coda, but I haven't been doing that reliably at all. Those notes are generally unfinished and unpolished. They can also be uninteresting. The reason I put them public is often not because I think you should read them.

I also post on social media, especially Facebook, Quora, and Twitter.