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List of projects on gender neutrality

Note: I think this would be net positive, but I'm really not sure. I would personally feel better living in a more gender neutral world, but I understand some people feel differently, and I also care about those people. Also, in either case, I think it's probably not a priority at the moment. If it was, here are some projects and advocacy I might do.


  1. Translate relevant Wikipedia pages in various languages
  2. Create or find freely accessible guidelines on how to gender neutralize languages
    1. English
    2. French
    3. ASL
  3. Make a Google Chrome Extension to gender neutralize language
    1. English for all words:
    2. English for pronouns:
    3. French for all words: to do (creating or finding guidelines on how to gender neutralize French is a prerequisite to that)
  4. Make Gender Neutral website
    1. Host Alexandra's website ( on or or or and translate it in English (I've contacted zir)
  5. Promote Gender Neutrality Day (on July 14th, between 'International Man Day' and 'International Woman Day')
    1. To make this day become official, contact governments (or similar bureaus responsible for such things)
    2. Create local events worldwide
  6. Create documentation on how to advocate for gender neutrality
    1. Write to organizations forcing to choose a gender (ex.: gender: man / woman, or gendered title: Mr. / Ms.) (ie. proposed "rather not say" and / or "none", as well as "Mx")
    2. Write to websites that aren't using gender neutral or gender inclusive language
    3. Propose gender neutral washrooms to businesses
      1. Questions: Where is it legal? Where to buy a Gender Neutral toilet sign?
      2. Transition: Have gender neutral sinks but gender specific toilet as a transition intermediary to fully gender neutral washrooms to get people use to it (and make it legally easier?)
    4. Altering laws so that businesses can have gender neutral washrooms would probably help (depends on jurisdiction, as some already allow it)