Suggested readings

The following is a list of recommended readings. There are just 3 because I can't think of other articles that are that important per word, at a direct personal and practical level.

title published importance
Why Cryonics Makes Sense 2016-03-24 10
The case for lifelogging as life extension 2020-02-01 10
Two Fun Tools from the MMM Software Department 2012-07-15 10

If you care about helping other people, I have a couple more suggestions. Prepare for some large updates if you're not already familiar with those concepts ^_^ The stakes are astronomical or beyond astronomical. An existential risk could prevent us from using those resources to create value. An s-risk could result in those resources being used to destroy value. Aligning our incentive structures and aligning artifical intelligence seem like 2 of the most important problems. For more on how to do the most good, I recommend looking at Effective Altruism and 80,000 Hours. I also recommend the book Superintelligence for more on the implication of advancing artificial intelligence.

For fun, I like rational fic.