Mati Roy

Hey. Welcome to my place. Glad to see you in this corner of the Internet. I’ll give you a quick tour of what I'm up to.

Since early August, I started working for Ought as an experiment runner and analyst. Learn more about our current work by reading Delegating open-ended cognitive work. If you're not familiar with the existiential risks posed by artificial intelligence, I recommend reading Superintelligence by Nick Bostrom (or for something shorter, The AI Revolution: The Road to Superintelligence on WaitButWhy or Positively shaping the development of artificial intelligence on 80,000 Hours.).

I'm also currently participating to FOCUS, a prediction tournament organized by IARPA, as part of the Good Judgement Project's team. See why improving institutional decision-making is a priority.

I founded Effective Altruism Québec and CryoQuébec. I live at the Macroscope, a focal point for the LessWrong and effective altruism communities in Montreal. Here's a list of communities that I support in Montreal.

I contribute to the following wikis: Wikipedia - English, Wikipédia - French, Wiki Timelines, Cause Prioritization wiki, Effective Altruism Subreddit wiki, LessWrong wiki, Humanity+ wiki, WikiTree and TV Tropes. I also like WikiHow, but haven't contributed to it yet. I posted some project ideas on the EA Work Club. When my writings don't fit on wikis, I post them on my website.

See How I can help you (maybe) and How to help me. Notably, I offer help to sign up for cryonics for 100$ (and can also answer some of your questions for free once you've read the Wait But Why article).

You can follow me on Facebook and connect on Garmin Connect. I'm also on LinkedIn, OkCupid, and GitHub. Stalk me for more.