Mati Roy

Hey. Welcome to my place. Glad to see you in this corner of the Internet. I’ll give you a quick tour of what I'm up to.

I founded Effective Altruism Québec and CryoQuébec. I live at the Macroscope, a focal point for the LessWrong and effective altruism communities in Montreal. Here's a list of communities that I support in Montreal.

I contribute to the following wikis: Wikipedia - English, Wikipédia - French, Wiki Timelines, Cause Prioritization wiki, Effective Altruism Subreddit wiki, Humanity+ wiki, WikiTree and TV Tropes. I also like the LessWrong wiki and WikiHow, but haven't contributed to them yet. I posted some project ideas on the EA Work Club. When my writings don't fit on wikis, I post them on my website.

See How I can help you (maybe) and How to help me.

You can follow me on Facebook and connect on Garmin Connect. I'm also on LinkedIn and GitHub.